Relationships with Patient Organisations 2018
Name of Patient Organisation Organisation Address Country of Organisation Date of contract Description of activity Non Financial Support Financial Support Fee For Service
Arthritis Ireland Grand Canal Quay Dublin 2 IRELAND 01/05/2018 Janssen Ireland supported Arthritis Ireland to create an updated "Living with Psoriatic Arthritis" information booklet and an Arthritis Ireland Information leaflet. - 8 000 EUR 0 EUR
CLL Ireland 19 Dean Swift Road Dublin 11 IRELAND 05/05/2018 CLL Ireland has requested support from Janssen Ireland to enable delivery of the second National Public Information Day for CLL Patients and Carers in Ireland. The event is completely organised by CLL Ireland (CLLI). There are four main objectives of the event planned as outlined by CLLI below. A: Information and Education: Provision of key speakers who are renowned CLL experts, dealing with every aspect of living with CLL from diagnosis, through frontline treatment, to relapsed / refractory CLL, and to access to latest treatment advances including clinical trials. An important aspect of information provision is around CLL patient advocacy and what is happening not just nationally, but on a European and indeed at an international level. B: Networking: Provision of an opportunity for CLL Patients and Carers in Ireland to meet each other in a warm and inviting environment, to share their stories and coping strategies around every aspect of living with CLL. An exploration during the event - 5 000 EUR 0 EUR
14/05/2018 CLL Patient Group Advisory Board-CLL Ireland - 0 EUR 1 900 EUR
European Inst Women's Health 33 Pearse Street Dublin 2 IRELAND 01/12/2018 European Institute of Women's Health_Funding Women and Dementia - 5 000 EUR 0 EUR
IPPOSI 12 Camden Row Dublin 8 IRELAND 11/12/2018 IPPOSI membership fees 2019. - 8 500 EUR 0 EUR
11/12/2018 IPPOSI Patient Education Programme 2019 - 5 000 EUR 0 EUR
Irish Cancer Society 43-45 Northumberland Road Dublin 4 IRELAND 01/02/2018 Janssen-Ireland (in addition to Sanofi-Ireland) has been requested to support a 12 month year research fellowship in Prostate Cancer to be conducted at the Dana Faber Institute. The fellowship has been awarded to Dr. Dara Lundon, urology SpR following a competitive application process. Educational Objective of the fellowship: • Training of an early career investigator in prostate cancer research methods in a relevant school within the Dana Farber Cancer Centre which has a world leading reputation in the field • Integration of state of the art research expertise into Ireland • Generation of a novel integrated US-Irish prostate cancer research network and collaboration • Leveraging unique resources, expertise and intellectual capital across the three institutions to work more effectively to tackle prostate cancer. - 33 634 EUR 0 EUR
15/09/2018 Janssen supported the Irish Cancer Society to hold their annual National Conference for Cancer Survivorship, which took place in Cork and Galway in September 2018. The financial value of this support was €15,000. - 15 000 EUR 0 EUR
Irish Soc Colitis/Crohns Dis Brunswick Street North Dublin 7 IRELAND 01/01/2018 The Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease requested funding from Janssen-Cilag Ltd to partially cover costs associated with developing ISCC support line services and Living Well with IBD self-management programme. Outcomes: - A re-launched ISCC support line that will include a new phone system, recruiting more volunteers to take calls, develop glossary (go-to guide) for volunteers etc. - ISCC self-management programme available free of charge to those who are impacted by IBD / members of the ISCC - ‘Living Well with IBD’. To support people who are living with IBD in Ireland in the absence of any other patient organisation in this disease area. Janssen is a company committed to supporting patients with chronic inflammatory disorders such as Crohn's disease. - 20 000 EUR 0 EUR
27/10/2018 Janssen provided €3,761 support for the IRish Society of Crohn's and Colitis to support their annual open day and AGM - 3 761 EUR 0 EUR