Relationships with Patient Organisations 2019
Name of Patient Organisation Organisation Address Country of Organisation Date of contract Description of activity Non Financial Support Financial Support Fee For Service
Cancer Black Care 79 Acton Lane London UNITED KINGDOM 10/10/2019 In 2019 Janssen provided Cancer Black Care UK with £5,000 of core funding towards sponsorship of their administration by funding in part the cost of employing their direct services manager activities. - 5 000 GBP 0 GBP
CLL Support Association Bath Road Chippenham UNITED KINGDOM 30/09/2019 Janssen have provided core funding of £10,000 to the CLL Support Association which supports the following activities from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020: Member conference in 2020, website upgrade and development work - 10 000 GBP 0 GBP
25/10/2019 Janssen paid CLL Support Association with £360 for presenting a workshop at the Janssen Haematology Summit in October 2019 - 360 GBP 0 GBP
Crohn's & Colitis UK 1 Bishops Square Hatfield UNITED KINGDOM 13/08/2019 Janssen is supporting CCUK with funding of £20,026 for the provision of a campaign assistant and other staff costs for launch the Not every disability is visible campaign. - 20 026 GBP 0 GBP
02/01/2019 - In 2019 Janssen provided non-financial support in the form of staff time to Crohn's & Colitis UK. Time was spent by Janssen colleagues on three projects, a disease awareness programme, a patient app and a patient survey. In total 72 hours were spent working on these projects, which equates to £2319.12 calculated on an average hourly rate of £32.21. 0 GBP 0 GBP
01/01/2019 - In 2019 Janssen partnered with CCUK on the 'Not Every Disability Is Visible' campaign. Agency support to the value of £39,865.75 of (50% of total agency costs) has been attributed to CCUK, for the development of educational campaign materials, website content, and patient case studies, and support with traditional and social media engagement. 0 GBP 0 GBP
Crohn's & Colitis UK 45 Grosvenor Road St. Albans UNITED KINGDOM 12/12/2018 Janssen provided Crohn’s & Colitis UK with £20,000 towards the costs of staff time at the charity in the delivery of the “Not Every Disability is Visible” campaign, to enable them to engage with businesses to raise awareness and equip business to support employees with Crohn's and Colitis. - 20 000 GBP 0 GBP
Down Syndrome International Langdon Down Centre Teddington UNITED KINGDOM 09/12/2019 Actelion (Janssen) provided Down Syndrome International with project funding of £15,965 in 2019 as a contribution to the cost of developing an evidence-based, cardiac consensus statement for people with Down Syndrome. - 15 965 GBP 0 GBP
Fight Bladder Cancer 51 High Street Chinnor UNITED KINGDOM 02/03/2019 Janssen arranged travel worth £53.75 for Fight Bladder Cancer to allow them to attend at a medical education event. - 0 GBP 0 GBP
15/04/2019 Janssen provided £7.5k core funding to Fight Bladder Cancer which contributed to investment in the charity’s infrastructure to help the organisation grow, funding for core project staff and other governance costs. - 7 500 GBP 0 GBP
28/11/2019 In the last quarter of 2019, Janssen provided office space for a day to help Fight Bladder Cancer package their magazine and also covered the postage expenses to send it out to its members. This was worth a total value of £810 In addition, Janssen were asked to cover the travel costs of a return train ticket for one of the team and lunch for the Fight Bladder Cancer team. The amount of travel costs was £156. - 0 GBP 0 GBP
07/01/2019 In 2019, Janssen provided non-financial support in the form of staff time to Fight Bladder Cancer. This time was used to support three events, one each for the magazine packing and postage of their magazine in the first, second and third quarter, respectively, magazine packing took place. In total, 43 hours were spent working on these three activities by Janssen staff which equates to £1,350 calculated on an average hourly rate. - 0 GBP 0 GBP
HIV i-Base 169 Tower Bridge Road London UNITED KINGDOM 04/03/2019 In 2019 Janssen provided HIV i-Base with £10,000 which contributed to supporting the UK-CAB scheme (£6500) as well as HIV i-Base’s treatment support and information service for 2019 (£3500). - 10 000 GBP 0 GBP
HIV Scotland 18 York Place Edinburgh UNITED KINGDOM 01/04/2019 Janssen provided HIV Scotland with £5000 towards the implementation of the Fast-Track Cities initiative across all of Scotland’s seven cities - 5 000 GBP 0 GBP
IBD Passport Pond Street London UNITED KINGDOM 30/04/2019 Janssen supported IBD Passport with £4720 of core funding for videos for their website that aims to provide comprehensive, practical and reliable information on all aspects of travelling with Crohn's Disease or Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). - 4 720 GBP 0 GBP
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