Relationships with Patient Organisations 2016
Name of Patient Organisation Organisation Address Country of Organisation Date of contract Description of activity Non Financial Support Financial Support Fee For Service
Bloodwise 39-40 Eagle Street London UNITED KINGDOM 29/01/2016 Janssen supported Bloodwise with £20,000 towards their work support Clinical Nurse Specialists. Funding for 2016 provided the resources to run focus groups, meetings and the compiling of reports that will scope out and build understanding of the gaps in best practice and where support is needed for CNS’. The work will also explore standards of care, examine patient outcomes and scope out opportunities to influence policy on the role of CNS’ in blood cancers. - 20 000 GBP 0 GBP
21/11/2016 Janssen is supporting and working with Bloodwise with the aim of improving the support haematology patients receive through the recovery care package in the NHS. In 2016, Janssen supported this work with funds totalling £50,000. This partnership is due to complete in 2019 - 50 000 GBP 0 GBP
BME Cancer Communities 7 Mansfield Road Nottingham UNITED KINGDOM 29/04/2016 Janssen supported BME Cancer Communities to continue core activities.Funding for 2016 provided the resources to sustain campaigns such as ‘Hear Me Now’ and regional support groups. Support was also provided in the form of travel to the Director of BME Cancer Communities to attend a Hear Me Now meeting, the value of which was equivalent to £57.80 - 2 000 GBP 0 GBP
Cancer Black Care 79 Acton Lane London UNITED KINGDOM 29/04/2016 Janssen supported Cancer Black Care to continue core activities.Funding for 2016 provided the resources to support the role of the Direct Services Manager regarding salary and duties, which include assisting the organisation to develop effectively in order to meet service user needs, and to meet the demands of partnership working with health professionals. - 4 500 GBP 0 GBP
CLL Support Association 39-40 Eagle Street London UNITED KINGDOM 31/05/2016 Janssen supported CLLSA with £10,000 towards both their core activity and begin a program of public advocacy for those with CLL. Funding for 2016 provided the resources for CLLSA to undertake a program of public advocacy, creating a local lobbying tool kit to be used at 3 meetings in England and Wales. Other activities support included a parliamentary drop in event with appropriate follow-up all with the intention of raising the profile of CLL amongst decision makers in England and Wales. - 10 000 GBP 0 GBP
Crohn's & Colitis UK 45 Grosvenor Road St. Albans UNITED KINGDOM 02/11/2016 Janssen supported Crohn’s and Colitis UK to deliver its core operational plan and Patient Centred Evidence development, to the aim of improving the offering and accessibility of Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s patient and membership information, to ensure patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease are empowered and fully informed with their condition. - 25 000 GBP 0 GBP
01/03/2016 Janssen supported Crohn's and Colitis with marketing support to develop an infographic structure for Worked IBD Day. This was delivered in March 2016 (non-financial support) - 350 GBP 0 GBP
01/03/2016 Janssen supported Crohn's and Colitis UK to develop a structure for delivering their annual membership survey by providing 1.5 days of staff time (non-financial support) - 316 GBP 0 GBP
Diabetes UK 10 Parkway London UNITED KINGDOM 01/01/2016 Janssen paid Diabetes UK £29,270 for stand space rental at DUK professional conferences - 29 270 GBP 0 GBP
14/12/2015 Janssen supported Diabetes UK Community Champions Programme which targets black and minority ethnic (BMAE) populations who may be at risk of developing or already have type 2 diabetes. Funding for 2015 provided the resources to fully develop a framework for a 3 year programme (2016-2018) of activity. - 25 000 GBP 0 GBP
03/05/2016 Janssen supported Diabetes UK to deliver in Partnership the Community Champions Programme. Funding for 2016 provided the resources to expand the scale and reach of the programme and aid Diabetes UK’s recruitment and training of volunteers to deliver the programme into the community. - 19 000 GBP 0 GBP
Epilepsy Society Chesham Lane Gerrards Cross UNITED KINGDOM 01/10/2016 Janssen supported the Epilepsy Society to carry out staff training by providing a meeting room and refreshments at the Janssen offices. This meeting was held in October 2016 (non-financial support) - 630 GBP 0 GBP
Inter Alliance of Patients Org 49-51 East Road London UNITED KINGDOM 01/01/2016 EMEA Core funding 2016 - 18 462 GBP 0 GBP
Leukaemia CARE Blackpole Road Worcester UNITED KINGDOM 01/11/2016 Janssen supported Leukaemia Care with media training with costs (non-financial support) - 1 661 GBP 0 GBP
13/12/2016 Janssen supported Leukaemia CARE in its core activities that include the 24hr CARE line, nurse advisor service and patient information booklets - 8 339 GBP 0 GBP
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