Patsiendiorganisatsiooni toetus 2018
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Eesti Leukeemia- ja Lümfoomihaigete Liit Tallinna 22 Viljandi ESTONIA 21/04/2018 The "Spring Conference" organized by Estonian Leukemia and Lymphoma Patients Society is dedicated for patients and their family member to raise CLL awareness. The conference is scheduled for up to 60 people. - 4 000 EUR 0 EUR
Eesti Põletikulise Soolehaiguse Selts MTÜ Ümera 11-172 Tallinn ESTONIA 06/10/2018 The aim is to organize 4th information day for IBD patients. The information day is for people who have been recently diagnosed and need more help, guidance on how to better deal with the new disease situation. Estimate number of participants: 55-60 people. - 800 EUR 0 EUR
Eesti Vähiliit Viru tn 5-3 Tallinn ESTONIA 01/09/2018 To support Estonian Cancer Society Disease awareness campaign with objective: to disseminate prostate cancer awareness, relevant diagnoses and prognosis and share information on new, up-to-date treatment plans. To raise and develop health awareness - emphasizing one's responsibility for their own health and quality of life. - To show the relationship between the various health risk factors and the subsequent illness (including cancer). - Support prostate cancer patients and their loved ones. - 10 000 EUR 0 EUR
MTÜ Saaremaa Vähiühing Pikk 39 Kuressaare ESTONIA 27/10/2018 The aim of the Conference is to introduce treatment options, improve the quality of life of patients, raise health awareness and increase participation in prevention programs. Estimate number of participants: 90 people. - 3 112 EUR 0 EUR